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PUBLISHED FICTION - Click the link to read it

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2010 - My short story "My Wife's Cooking is Out of This World, Take a Bite" was published by


2009 - My short story "The Light Sprite" was published by

2008 - I was mentioned in the acknowledgements in Jodi Picoult's best selling novel "Change of Heart."

2007 - The website was hacked and all of the links to my past stories published there were lost.  However thanks to the hard work of the site's webmaster Webbie, the links are slowly being restored.  As the links are restored, I will relink my old stories.

June 2006 - published my flash fiction piece  "The Staff of (In)Justice"

March 2006 - Bewildering Stories published my short story "Shadow Images" in Issue #190. 

March 2006 - published my audio recording of "Edith B. Tasker".  It was initially placed on the front page.

February 2006 - published my audio recording of "One Year On". Now you can hear me read one of my previously published stories.

January 2006 - published "Fog in the Bay" as part of it's 69th Pole quarterly contest.

January 2006 - published the quirky "Morris, We Hardly Knew You" as a regular flash fiction short story.

October 2005 - My short story "Transmitting Through" was published in issue #170 of Bewildering Stories

June 2005 - My short story "The Conned Clonemaster" was published on the Contest page.

June 2005 - Bewildering Stories published my short story "The Fairly Incredible Inventors Fair"  in its June 2005 issue.

March 2005 - Astounding Tales published "Three Minutes" in its March 2005 issue.

February 2005 - "Only A Test" published by on the Flash Contest page.  It won second place in the "Neighbors" contest.

January 2005 - Gateway Science Fiction publishes "Stuck Inside That Insidious Time Hole" for it's Web 11 edition.

November 2004 - "Destiny Away From Darkness" re-printed in an anthology of flash fiction, which first appeared in  Page 066.  You need Adobe Acrobat to read it.

October 2004 - Anotherealm publishes "All in the Accounting" as a contest entry.  I included my middle name on the byline this time.

August 2004 - Flash Fantastic published my 1,000 word short "One Year On" as its lead story in the August 2004 issue.

July 2004 - publishes "Area Singles" on its flash fiction contest page.  The editor named it third best story of the contest!

June 2004 - Anotherealm publishes "Scatter" as a contest entry.

May 2004 - Alien Skin magazine publishes "In God's Image"  It is no longer available to read online but it can be ordered from Alien Skin.

April 2004 - My <50 word super short "F.T.T.A." is published in the UK-based BeWrite e-zine.

April 2004 - Humanity's Next Wave published by Anotherealm on its Flash Fiction contest page

March 2004 - The Chichester, NH Public Library ordered a special book binding of a collection of my short stories, which were published or read in various venues between 1990-2003.  This book will be available to library patrons to read or borrow.  Check out the image on the front page.

March 2004 - "Unearthed" published by

March 2004 - "Edith B. Tasker" published in Flash Fantastic.

December 2003 - "Mittimus Jacket" published by

November 2003 - "Icy Grave" published by

April 2003 - "One of the Masses" published by  It remained online for five months.

February 2003 - "The Deal of the Century" published by for its  alternative history contest.

November 2002 - "Fleeting, Not Forgotten" published in Demensions Science Fiction.  It received an above average rating by readers.

August 2002 - "Destiny Away From Darkness" published by  Scheduled for reprint in the Anotherealm flash fiction anthology to be edited by Joseph Fekete.

February 2002 - "Times and Lives" and "I Love Lauryl Decker" appeared in the anthology Write From the Heart - Volume 5 edited  by the Chichester, NH Writer's Group and published by Lynxfield Press

October 2001 - "Shall We Dance" published by PEEKS and Valleys magazine.

March 2000 - "Revival of a Classic" published in Write From the Heart Anthology - Volume 4 edited by the Chichester, NH Writer's Group.

October 1998 - "The Official Sign" published in the Write From the Heart Anthology - Volume 3 edited by the Chichester, NH Writer's Group.

August 1997 - Millennium Science Fiction published "Radio Silence."

June 1997 - "The Last Word" published in the anthology Write From the Heart - Volume 2 edited by the Chichester, NH Writer's Group.

Summer 1996 - Poem "When Noah Smiles" published in the anthology Where Dawn Lingers.

June 1990 - Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction - 50 Word Epic

PUBLISHED NON-FICTION - Click the link to read it

January 2006 - SFRevu published my review of S.L Viehl's "Rebel Ice" in the January issue.  An excerpt from this was included on the reviews page of the paperback edition.

June 2005 - SFRevu published my review of Alan Dean Foster's "The Light-Years Beneath My Feet"  in the June issue.

March 2005 - SFRevu published my review of  "Metallic Love" by Tanith Lee.

January 2005 - An excerpt from my review of "Pandora's Star" was printed on the top of the back cover of the paperback edition.

November 2004 - SFRevu published my review of "Dune: The Battle of Corrin" by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

October 2004 - SFRevu publishes my review of "Glory Road"  by Robert A. Heinlein.

June 2004 - SFRevu publishes my review of "The Chronicles of Riddick" by Alan Dean Foster.

May 2004 - SFRevu publishes my review of "Lost and Found" by Alan Dean Foster.

May 2004 - SFRevu publishes my review of "Broken Crescent."

March 2004 SFRevu publishes my review of "Pandora's Star".

January 2004 SFRevu published my review of "Deathstalker Return."

December 2003 SFRevu published my review of "Deprivers"

September 2003 SFRevu published my review of "The Wrong Reflection"

September 2002 - Senior Beacon (of NH) published my article "Hillsborough County Nursing Residents Entertained in Prison." This included a photograph of the inmate choir that I snapped.

1999 Legislative Update published by KORR.

September 1999 - Article on the New Hampshire Snowmobile Grass Drags and Water Crossing Championships in NH Racing News.

September 1997 - March 2000 - Columnist/Editor of the New Hampshire Snowmbile Association's Sno-Traveler magazine.

Aug 20, 1996 - Health Care Review: "New Hampshire's creativity helps cut youth tobacco use."

March 1988 - December 1995 - Contributing writer for the Franklin-Tilton Telegram newspaper, Franklin, NH.

1983-1984 - Editor, Dirigo.  The Maine Jaycees monthly newspaper.